High school can be a challenging time for any young adult, yet for Kev Kouyoumjian, this crucial period was an opportunity for a hard-earned breakout. Raised amid financial insecurity and forfeiting the idea of college, Kouyoumjian started building a bright future at just 17, armed with the grit, ambition and an unyielding positivity today that manifests in him being the CEO of the globally recognized toy company, World Tech Toys.

To Kouyoumjian, toys were always a symbol of joy, something he yearned for growing up. He turned this yearning into a lifelong pursuit and founded World Tech Toys, a business now recognised amongst the top toy manufacturers globally.

The journey from a financially struggling high school student to a successful CEO wasn’t precisely a magic-carpet ride. Kouyoumjian’s spirited resolve, driven by the life goal “to give my family a better life,” pushed him beyond the constraints that others may have viewed as impassable. This journey began in the by-lanes of hard work during high school and an indefinable buoyancy when faced with financial constraints, personal hurdles, and society’s doubt on his potential due to bypassing higher education.

Kouyoumjian’s tireless contribution to World Tech Toys has steered the company to create remarkable toys for some of the world’s leading brands, including Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Warner Brothers, Lamborghini, and more. These delightful creations have found shelves in major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Amazon, exhibiting the company’s unrivalled reputation and glinting success resulting from Kouyoumjian’s unfaltering vision.

His reality has been sculpted out of his dreams, and yet, he often reflects on his humble beginnings. He didn’t have the luxury of unwrapping joy in the form of toys during Christmas and uses this memory as motivation to ensure other children don’t experience the same. His perseverance and passion are reflected through his company and the joy his toys bring to children worldwide.

The uphill expedition to success continually tested Kouyoumjian. It involved making tough decisions, learning from his mistakes, toiling day and night, and above all, holding fast onto the belief of succeeding. His unrelenting positivity and words echo his ambition, “I NEVER gave up no matter what.”

His journey arguably destigmatizes the common conviction that colossal initial capital or higher education is crucial to succeed in business. Kouyoumjian’s narrative clearly demonstrates that dedicated effort, a unique skill or idea, combined with unwavering resolve, can create remarkable success stories.

Taking on the cutthroat world of business at a tender age, without mentors or significant financial backing was undeniably arduous. Yet, Kouyoumjian held steadfast to his dreams. He turned every stumbling block into stepping stones, and his vision of uplifting his family and gifting unbounded childhood joy were the key motivators propelling him forward.

Kouyoumjian’s narrative is indeed a testament to the power of will and the strength of a dream. His story provides inspiration to young individuals worldwide, encouraging them that giving up is never a choice and proving dreams can transcend to reality, much like World Tech Toys.