The business landscape teems with bright minds evolving splendid business ideas but, unfortunately, the majority never sprout to the challenging process of company creation. And those who dare to take this plunge often stumble within their initial year due to ineffective resource utilization. Triumph in this dog-eat-dog arena primarily hinges on tactical business planning, shrewd execution, and above all, robust sales strategies. Reinforcing this wisdom with his real-world success is a young entrepreneur, Eric Whitehead, the indomitable mastermind behind PTG365.

A Brooklyn native, Eric, just 26, transformed his fascination for automobiles into a flourishing automotive dealership, PTG365. At such a young age, this exceptional thinker boasts an Associate’s degree in business management from BMCC under his belt, acquired in 2012. Not content with just establishing his company in a fiercely competitive industry, Eric spearheaded PTG365 to attain such heights that Forbes recognized it in 2019. Additionally, his journey graced Snapchat’s #1 TV show, “Driven,” enlightening viewers about the thrilling rollercoaster that is his daily life.

It is worth noting that the idea for PTG365 sprung solely from Eric. Being an alumnus of incubation, he nurtured this idea into a tangible reality, fuelling it with his unwavering determination and industrious mindset. Recognizing the need for a medley of unique skillsets to elevate his business, he welcomed two of his close friends aboard. They hadn’t crossed paths before, both blessed with talents that were the missing pieces in PTG365’s complex puzzle.

But Eric isn’t merely content with his personal accomplishments. He embraces mentorship passionately, generously sharing the insights gleaned from his innovative fellow entrepreneurs. He cherishes being in a position to offer guidance to those eager to learn from him, those ambitious enough to strive for better in their lives.

Ever since childhood, Eric’s heart echoed with a profound passion for automobiles. From being mesmerized by their astounding power to being intrigued by the finesse of their interior details, cars have compassed his fascination. It isn’t surprising that he decided to devote his career to his lifelong love, making personal connection the cornerstone of his successful venture.

In the wake of PTG365’s profound success, the Entrepreneur wasn’t sedentary. He piloted a TV show called “Driven” on Snapchat. This shows the public an inside peek into the lives of those running PTG365 daily. But Eric’s thirst for innovation isn’t quenched yet. One of his latest endeavors is Cars365, an avant-garde app that extends PTG365’s spectrum. Scheduled for a 2021 release, this game-changing app’s prime objective is to offer a concierge service for vehicles coupled with auto sales.

Moreover, Eric recently expanded the PTG365 empire by inaugurating a body shop, PTG365 AUTOBODY, in Freeport Long Island. This strategic move ensures that all vehicle needs anchor under a single umbrella. Eric Whitehead, through his entrepreneurial prowess and relentless passion for cars, has indisputably charted a remarkable roadmap in the automotive industry. With so many accomplishments at this young age, he continues to inspire countless aspiring entrepreneurs across the world.