A career in the National Football League (NFL) can be a peak achievement for some, the ultimate goal aimed to be realized, defended, and cherished. But not for Tony “The Closer” Robinson. For this former NFL player, the glitzy appeal of the sports limelight was just one point of his diverse journey.

Juxtaposing a career that is not famed for producing successful post-career transitions, Tony emerged from the rigors of sportsmanship into the world of entrepreneurship with compelling determination and fluid resilience.

Yet, the rise to success hasn’t been an immaculate journey but rather a gritty climb. Tony ran into a serious impediment early in his career as an entrepreneur. An unexpected partnership with Jay Morrison spiraled into a disheartening turn of events. Morrison allegedly breached contract agreements, held on to ticket sales amounting to over $49,000, and later made detrimental attempts to sabotage Tony’s first live event. This encounter would’ve undoubtedly knocked many off their course, yet Tony stood steadfast, underlining his persevering spirit.

Tony’s resilience, however, isn’t the only shining aspect of his personality. What sets him apart is his genuine heart for empowering others. The lure of money isn’t his primary drive. Instead, his focus is set on teaching financial literacy and real estate knowledge – skills that are crucial yet often overlooked by many. A stern believer in the power of dream realization, Tony hopes to let black men know that they can rise above testing circumstances and make their aspirations come true, thus helping alleviate problems associated with debt and poor financial management.

With a journey that started in North Philly, and later moved to North Carolina at the age of thirteen, Tony’s humble beginnings have evidently shaped his character. This father of two boys, AJ and Trey, has not only built an impressive list of personal achievements but has also dedicated his life to fostering success in others.

His impressive credentials boast his position as the visionary behind the 100K Club Live Event and the IT’S OUR TURN™️ movement. He is also a best-selling author and a real estate and sales expert. Over the years, he’s closed thousands of deals generating more than $10 million in auto and real estate sales. Despite facing adversities such as a failed business, a dissolved marriage, and the aforementioned betrayals, Tony refused to be consumed by difficulty.

Today, he stands tall, committed to empowering the black community through his knowledge about the niche in real estate known as wholesaling. He’s trained over 20,000 people on how to make money in real estate and, even during the 2020 global pandemic, he helped his students make more than $1,200,000 flipping real estate contracts.

To follow Tony’s inspiring journey, you can find him on Instagram and Twitter @tonythecloser and his Youtube Channel – Tony the Closer. His story attests that every adversity has the potential to be turned into a foundation for success. It’s not solely about the pursuit of financial gains, but more about empowering others and creating a better world for everyone. And in doing so, Tony “The Closer” Robinson is redefining success, one life-transforming strategy at a time.