Serial entrepreneur, Coltlen Keithley, not yet 22, lives the words he preaches with an unshakeable conviction. The jovial spirit, now reckoned as an authority in his niche, believes in the principle, “To go fast, move alone, but to go far, move with people.”

This steadfast mindset has marked Coltlen as a figure of influence and inspiration in the entrepreneurial world. Growing a vast network of individuals, he extends a helping hand, guiding his peers towards success, opening their eyes to possibilities beyond their comfort zones, and nurturing their talent under his wing.

Sporting a ‘Trillionaire’ mindset, in Coltlen’s world, there are no obstacles, only opportunities. The firm assertion that nothing can impede an individual who perseveres is embodied by Coltlen every day. His journey reflects the resilience of an entrepreneur, demonstrating that embracing challenges brings monumental success.

Born into a humble Wisconsin family, Coltlen’s background did little to dissuade his dreams of fortune beyond the ordinary. Often dubbed ‘The Alien’, this 21-year-old represents an entity that goes against the grain, transforming his own paradigms and inspiring others to do so.

Being unique comes naturally to Coltlen. His boundless energy and fervor set him apart. The claim of being an Alien might seem audacious, but he uses it as a metaphor to insinuate his rare entrepreneurial spirit and unmapped cognitive thought process. Often, people aspire to be carbon copies of successful individuals they look up to. Coltlen suggests flipping this context and thinking beyond. This individualistic approach to seeing the world fosters a mental state that harnesses unseen ideas – a key ingredient to his differentiation.

Coltlen proves that geographical or financial limitations do not define one’s potential. From a place where six-figure earners are virtually non-existent, he sought beyond the conceivable and shaped his destiny.

Guided by the principle of collective growth, Coltlen frequently reminds his team of the necessity to expand their visions of reality and to remove themselves from the limited scope of their comfort zones, which he believes to be a restricting factor in one’s journey to success.

Despite originating from a trailer-park community and having dropped out from high school, Coltlen views every setback as a transformative opportunity. This outlook allows him each time to adjust his mindset towards innovative ways of problem-solving.

Infused with an ambition to succeed, Coltlen starts his day with a mantra, “I will do my best to be the best.” This motto serves him well, transforming every potential stumbling block into an opportunity to prove his naysayers wrong. This relentless drive paints Coltlen as a beacon of perseverance and resilience, a role model to his team, and an ambassador of entrepreneurial success, redefining the meaning of obstacles.